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In this week's episode of The CineSnob Podcast, the guys from welcome special guest Joshua Starnes from and the President of the Houston Film Critics Society. They review "The Equalizer," "Love is Strange" and "The Skeleton Twins." They also discuss a study about spoilers conducted by Netflix and Interstellar's runtime.

[0:00-26:30] Introduction to Joshua Starnes, president of the Houston Film Critics Society, critic at and publisher at Red 5 Comics.

[26:30-39:11] Netflix conducts a survey saying less people care about spoilers than previously thought.

[39:11-54:18] Interstellar will be Christopher Nolan's longest film thus far & discussion about Nolan.

[54:18-1:12:07] The Equalizer

[1:12:07-1:12:50] Love is Strange 

[1:24:50-2:01:21] The Skeleton Twins

[2:01:21-2:06:02] Teases for next week and close

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