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In this week's episode of The CineSnob Podcast, the guys from review "No Good Deed" and "The One I Love." They also discuss the newly announced "23 Jump Street," Jason Reitman's semi-admission of misguidedness with "Labor Day," and our lists of really bad movie twists.
[0:00 – 4:23] Intro and screeners vs. screenings.
[4:23-31:32] Jason Reitman admits that Labor Day was "misguided." Andrew Garfield blames the studio for cutting parts of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Discussion of those involved with films criticizing their own work.
[31:32-44:49] No Good Deed
[44:49-1:00:55] No Good Deed Spoiler Zone
[1:00:55-1:01:16] No Good Deed Wrap-up
[1:01:16-1:02:55] The One I Love
[1:02:55-1:16:10] The One I Love Spoiler Zone
[1:16:10-1:17:55] The One I Love Wrap-up
[1:17:55-1:41:30] List List, Bang Bang - Bad movie twists
[1:41:39-1:44:01] Teases for next week and close






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