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In this week's episode of The CineSnob Podcast, the guys from review "Lucy" and "A Most Wanted Man." They also talk about the hype machine that is San Diego Comic Con, Joe Swanberg's review of "Sex Tape" and its refreshing honesty, and tackle another listener question!

[0:00-4:27] Intro and beating the summer heat in a movie theater.
[4:26-22:15] Discussion of San Diego Comic Con and its impact on the culture surrounding Summer blockbusters.
[22:15-34:02] Discussion of director Joe Swanberg's review of "Sex Tape" at and its refreshing honesty.
[34:02-43:26] Lucy
[43:26-49:38] Lucy Spoiler Talk
[49:38-51:44] Lucy Wrap-up
[51:44-1:00:36] A Most Wanted Man
[1:00:36-1:26:25] Listener question: How can movie tastes differ so vastly and will a critical consensus ever drive away box office numbers?
[1:26:25-1:34:23] Teases for next week and close.

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