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In this week's episode of The CineSnob Podcast, the guys from review "Terminator Genisys" and "The Overnight." They also discuss Robert Zemeckis saying that there will never be a "Back to the Future" reboot as long as he is alive, and that Robert Downey Jr's long gestating live-action version of "Pinnochio" will be written by, and possibly directed by auteur filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson.


[0:00-17:11] Intro, Jerrod was on another podcast and the guys try to be more female friendly
[17:11-35:43] There won’t be a BTTF reboot until Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale are dead
[35:43-50:12] Paul Thomas Anderson is writing a Pinocchio movie set to star Robert Downey Jr.
[50:12-1:06:26] Terminator Genisys
[1:06:26-1:25:18] The Overnight
[1:25:18-1:46:57] Teases for next week and close

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